Laboratory of Spectroscopyand Intermolecular Interactions

Research groups at PSiOM

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Wojciech Dzwolak Group

Our research is focused on conformational transitions in biopolymers, and in particular: on transformations of native protein structures into misfolded, yet highly organized so-called amyloid-fibrils. We employ the whole array of biophysical methods including infrared / Raman spectroscopy, circular dichroism, fluorescence and AFM microscopy. (Learn more)

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Wojciech & Bożena Gadomscy Group

Our research interests include: transient absorption measurements, optical Kerr effect, studies on quantum dots properties, development of long cavity Ti:Sapph laser, so as molecular dynamics simultaions and laser stability numerical analysis. (Learn more)

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Katarzyna Jarzembska & Radosław Kamiński Group

The aim of our research is to deeply investigate dynamics of light-induced processes, which occur both in crystals and in solution, with the emphasis put on the direct determination of structural changes (bond distance changes, breaking or forming new bonds) via advanced experimental methods supplemented by theoretical computations. We are interested in finding relationships between molecular and macroscopic properties of photoactive materials, so as to apply this knowledge to propose new solutions and/or design new functional materials of desirable properties for specific applications. (Learn more)

Wiktor Koźmiński Group

Our group works mostly on methodological aspects of NMR spectroscopy. The aim of this work is faster and more accurate determination of structurally important NMR parameters, and their application in chemistry and biochemistry. Recently we focus on the development of new approaches for acquisition of multidimensional NMR spectra necessary in the studies of biomolecules. (Learn more)

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Andrzej Kudelski Group

In our group we develop new nanoresonators for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) measurements, analyze blinking of SERS spectra, and develop systems for controlled transport of some biomolecules. (Learn more)

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Barbara Pałys Group

In our research we combine spectroscopic and electrochemical approaches to develop new analytical methods for biologically-relevant issues. We focus on nanocomposites including reduced graphene oxide and noble-metal nanoparticles, so as on studies on micro-plastic traces in environmental samples. (Learn more)

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Magdalena Pecul-Kudelska Group

In our group we apply and develop methods of quantum chemistry to study stability, spectroscopic properties, and photoreaction mechanisms of molecular and supramolecular systems. Our special focus is on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and chiralooptical spectroscopic parameters. (Learn more)

Robert Szoszkiewicz Group

Our research is within physico-chemical properties of various engineering surfaces and within single-molecule biophysics of proteins and peptides. Currently, we strive to understand the mechanisms of global/local oxidation of selected 2D materials and to develop methods of learning about structural changes within single biological molecules from changes of their nanomechanical properties. We use advanced research techniques based mostly on AFM, SEM, Raman, XPS, Auger and EDS spectroscopies. (Learn more)